A Late Night | Antony and Danny

It was late evening when Danny looked over at his clock to check what time it was.  He had a curfew, but most of the time he didn’t bother to follow it.  The past few months the boy had been out late at night either hanging out with Ava, going out to the clubs by himself, or to figure out exactly what was going on with him.  After the dream he had, he needed to get out, try to slowly forget what he had seen.  No matter what, however, the memory of the dream was engraved in his mind.  Vampires, werewolves, hunters, witches, demons.  Supernatural was definitely in this town, and Danny finally wrapped around the idea that it was all true.  He didn’t want to think of it before because he felt like he was going crazy like his mother, but the things that his friends seem to keep from him, being secretive, all of it had made Danny curious about it all.  Tonight was different though, perhaps all could be put to rest since he was invited to his place.  When it comes to boys, Danny always kept his cool, never really cared much to be honest.  Antony, or Tony, was different.  He was a man, age 26, knew more about the world than he did, has a passion for the arts, kind but sarcastic, handsome, well built, intelligent, all the things that Danny wants in a man.

The boy quickly walked over to his closet and tried to pick something casual.  He was in his raggedy athletic attire and he definitely didn’t want Antony to see him like that.  Danny decided to wear his red button up t-shirt that he favors and some jeans and headed his way to Tony’s.  It wasn’t a hard place to find, since Danny had been to the guys place once before to leave him something.  Butterflies were filling up his stomach when Danny walked up closer to the entrance.  Although it had been months since he had a boyfriend, the pain was still there.  He knew Tony was the type of guy that flirted with everyone, and perhaps Danny was just another person Tony flirted with.  He made it known, however, when feelings were told but nothing else was continued from there.  Danny took a deep breath and knocked on the door, stepping back slightly and fixing his hair one last time before someone answered it.